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The foundations of our company, which today serves as ERKAL Sarraflık ve Kuyumculuk Tic.Ltd.Şti, were laid in 1946 by Mr. Naim ERKAL. Our company has remained true to its feature of being a family company since its establishment. The sarraflik profession, which Naim ERKAL started as a mobile in 1946, became a company in the following years; then it has become what it is today. Our family opened its first store in Aydın - Söke in 1951, and started his professional life in the same shop at our current chairman, Mr. Ali Ekrem ERKAL. Between 1955 and 1964, it has participated in Aydın, Söke, Selçuk, Kuşadası and Germencik markets as mobile, except for our store in Söke. In 1964, Mr. Ali Ekrem ERKAL opened our first store in Izmir in partnership with the late Turgut ER. This partnership continued for many years and later ended in 1978, when Ali Ekrem ERKAL left the partnership. With the departure of Mr. Ali E. ERKAL from the partnership in 1978, the company became a family company again and Kemeraltı Kuyumcular Bazaar was put into service in today's headquarters on 928 streets. Our company was engaged in wholesale and selling gold and gold goods between 1978 and 2000; withdrew from gold wholesale activities in 1990 and the bracelet workshop closed in 2000.

ERKAL Jewelry opened its first branch in 1981 in İzmir Kemeraltı Anafartalar Street, again on gold and charity. The second branch was put into service in Munich, Germany in the same year. This store was closed in 1986 and our first branch in 1994. In 1984, he entered the diamond and gemstone business and opened a new branch called SEV jewelery. With this branch, it has started mass sales to the southern coasts of Antalya and its surroundings. During these years, he met most of the production from his own workshop. This branch left our company in 1989 and was dismissed from the company. Our company started to make new breakthroughs with the participation of the new generation to the company after a period of recession that lasted about 10 years. In 2006, the 60th anniversary of the company's first business, our Headquarters took its modern appearance and expanded its product range and completely renovated it. Yine aynı yılın Eylül ayında İzmir Kemeraltı Kızlarağası'nda yeniden şubeleşmeye başlamış ve bu şubesini gümüş ve çelik takı üzerine açmıştır.

In 2007, it decided to return to the diamond and gemstone sector and put its second branch into service accordingly. With this store, our company has returned to the production and wholesale sector again; The wholesaler of mont, especially called “plain”, has been restarted. In the same year, it entered the internet storehouse, which is a requirement of the age, and put its third branch under the name of ERKALSTORE at www.erkalstore.com . In 2009, the company decided to increase its retail steel jewelry sales to its wholesale level since 2006. Accordingly, İzmir started the wholesale steel sales under the name of "ZK Steel" at Kızlarağası Han 136. ZK Steel sells to the entire Aegean region today. Our company continues its expansion policy in line with the opinions and thoughts of Mr. Ali Ekrem ERKAL, who has already made the company his current position and is currently our chairman of the board of directors.

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